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Education Law

Teacher with Pupils

For over forty years, this firm has served as general or special counsel to school districts across the State of Tennessee.  Attorneys with extensive experience in school law issues provide advice and legal representation in myriad areas of law affecting educators and local education agencies, including, but not limited to:

  • Contracts and procurement

  • Discrimination, harassment, bullying and hazing

  • Construction and renovation

  • Public meetings and open records

  • Teacher tenure

  • Employee rights and employee discipline

  • Professional Memorandums of Understanding

  • Confidentiality of student and staff records

  • Data security and data breach management

  • Disability laws, including ADA, IDEA and Section 504

  • Student rights and student discipline

  • Policy review and development

  • Social media

  • Student and employee handbooks

  • Conflict resolution

  • Workplace and school investigations

  • Constitutional and civil rights

  • Risk management


The goal of this firm is to provide quality legal services in a timely manner and, with sensitivity to budget constraints, without incurring unnecessary cost.  Our seasoned and experienced school law attorneys rapidly respond to any inquiry by phone, text, e-mail or otherwise and make themselves available beyond office hours to assist school officials.  Additionally, our attorneys provide professional development and training, both in-person and virtually, so that school districts may not only meet mandatory training requirements but also promote excellence among their personnel and in their educational programs.


We know the language, procedures and practical realities of educating children in addition to the legal challenges unique to the education environment.  In short, our attorneys know school law!

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